Fit Kids Fundraiser

About Us

We’ve been involved in the fundraising industry since 2001. Our first venture into school and youth fundraising was through a company we called Easy Fundraising Ideas. It offered all of the top fundraising product choices. That company was one of the first to offer fundraising online. We made it extremely easy to schedule, hold and finalize a product fundraiser and the company eventually became the top product fundraising website in the country. Easy Fundraising gave us great visibility into trends in the school fundraising space and we soon realized that product fundraising was an industry in decline although we were growing. We understood that schools and other youth groups needed more. In fact they deserved better ways to raise money.

So in 2012 we began to develop Read-a-thon. It took two years to fully build out a way to completely digitalize and old fashioned Read-a-thon and make it a turnkey fundraiser that was easy to administer, required very few volunteers, focused solely on reading and offered the highest possible return to schools while offering the most complete, custom-printed materials package available in fundraising. Since its inception, Read-a-thon has seen year over year growth averaging nearly 60%.

Fit Kits Fundraising is Born

In meetings this year we talked about the two things we hear most often about school aged children.

Reading was high on everyone’s list, which confirmed the need for Read-a-thon.

Then there was child fitness. Or the lack of it.

So we started to discuss whether we could put together a program that actually focused on making kids more fit and what that might actually look like. Here are some key elements we wanted to include:

  • Schools have so little time and space so any fitness fundraiser we created would have to work with few or no equipment, limited space and had to be easy to run yet effective in its results both financially and in teaching fitness.
  • We needed variety. Each child is different so we wanted enough so that virtually every child would find an activity that they enjoyed and might continue participating in long after the fundraiser.
  • We wanted to use the same easy fundraising platform we developed for Read-a-thon so that kids could share their efforts with friends and family.
  • We wanted to eliminate traditional prize programs and instead offer the kids a different type of reward. So we created two levels of success. One is completion of a class in a specific fitness element. The other is becoming a Junior Fit Kids Instructor by sharing these skill sets with parents or family.
  • We wanted to create content from experienced experts in 5 different fitness skills that would be used as fitness training at the school or group level. We understood that most schools did not have people qualified to teach these fitness routines or, if they did, they were most likely spread so thinly that they didn’t have time to add to their teaching burden.
  • We wanted groups to keep 80% of the money they raised instead of the lower amounts offered by the fun run companies.
  • We also wanted to eliminate the complaints often heard associated with the fun run companies other than their extremely high fees. We did not want kids shamed into getting donations. We did not want people interrupting class time.
  • But most important we wanted a fundraiser that revolved around learning fitness skills that could be used forever instead of a one day event.

So we created the program that you will find on this website.

We believe this is the perfect fundraiser for schools, sports teams and any youth-based group wanting to raise money.

If there is one thing we all can agree on. Everyone would like to see the children they know remain as fit as possible and will definitely support those children on their fitness journey.