Fit Kids Fundraiser

Fit Kids Forms

So many people are used to the old way of doing things. If they are holding a Read-a-thon then they think they need to have reading logs. If they re holding a Walk-a-thon then they think they need to manually keep track of laps or units.

No Need for Paper Forms

There are no Fit Kids Forms

One of the benefits of online, crowd funding type fundraisers like Fit Kids is that there is no paperwork. That's right. There is no paperwork.

Unlike thon type fundraisers Fit Kids is actually not even unit based so there is not need to keep track of units complete.

Our program is based on participation in a one week focus on fitness. We cover specific fitness areas like strength, agility, dance, yoga and general fitness.

We provide video content from professional trainers who share their personal expertise in one specific area. All you need to do is provide a place for your participants to watch the videos together so they can learn how to do some basic exercises and begin to master that fitness category.


We Track Everything For You

Since the fundraiser is not unit based there is not much that needs to be tracked. But we do keep track of the important data that is relevant to your event.

For example, we track:

  • Donations - This is a fundraiser and your group, while excited about fitness, really wants to raise money. We track all donations received. We do that by individual and group and, for schools or leagues, even track by class or team.
  • Emails Sent – One of the best ways to get donations for your Fit Kids Fundraiser is to tell friends and family about your event.
  • Grains – Make sure to make as much as possible whole grains
  • Vegetables – Yes, even for breakfast
  • Dairy Products – Consider low fat milk, yogurt and cheese