Fit Kids Fundraiser

How It Works

The Benefits of Fit Kids Fundraising

Fit Kids offers a turnkey program as a better alternative to traditional fundraising for schools, sports groups and youth-based organizations.

Your kids will be taught and experience five classes in different fitness skillsets over the course of one week. They will be taught routines and skills that will pique their interest in how fun it can be to get fit.

Using our proven crowd funding system kids and their families will share their fitness adventure with family and friends and ask for donations to support their efforts. Unlike other fundraisers, a Fit Kids does not require many volunteers. There is no cash to handle; no record keeping; and nothing to sell.

Our staff is available to help every step of the way. You can reach us by phone, email or chat.

How Fit Kids Works

Step 1: Give Us Some Names

We strive to make Fit Kids as personalized as possible. So if you are a school or organization that wants to divide your kids into groups by class, age or other classification we would need the name of the teacher, volunteer or coordinator so that we can create a group for their kids. We also ask for an email address for these folks so we can use that as a log in name.

Ideally we would also like the name of the kids that will be participating. You can give us complete names or just first name and last initial. With this information we can provide personalized paperwork to send home to the parents so they can activate their child’s Fit Kid Profile.

We can accommodate groups that prefer to not provide the names of kids. But that requires parents to give us that information during the activation process. We make it easy for you to upload your names or you can send your information to us and we would be glad to help you get your information into the system.

Step 2: We print all of your materials for free

Once all of your information is in the system we will send that information to our in house print shop so they can print personalized materials for you to hand out to all of your participants including:

  • Personalized Take Home Sheets for each Kid
  • Personalized Reminder Sheets for each Kid
  • Customizable posters to promote your fundraiser
  • Local Business Support Packet

Step 3: Hand out your materials to your kids

When you receive what we call your starter kit you will see that we have divided all your materials into shrink-wrapped sections with complete instructions provided.

The first take home sheet should be sent home to parents one or two weeks before you plan to show your first fitness video. This will give parents time to activate their child’s Fit Kids Profile and get your fundraiser kicked off.

The reminder sheet should be sent home the day you show your first fitness video. This reminder sheet will let parents know all the reasons they need to activate their child’s page now that your event has started.

The other materials help you promote your event and explains how to get support from local businesses.

Step 4: Families activate Fit Kid Profiles

This is the most crucial step of your fundraiser. You need your kids to take home paperwork and get their families to activate their Fit Kids Profile from home. The activation process takes no more than a minute or two. But it is where your families will be asked to make donations and share your event with family and friends. It also gives them access to a Fit Kids Dashboard where they can view the lessons you’ve shared with them AND become Junior Fit Kids Instructors by sharing shorter videos that help them teach their family some of the skills they learned that day.

Step 5: Show our fitness videos to your kids

Our one week program is designed for you to show one fitness video each day. Of course timing is up to you. You can show the videos any time you want. Ideally, though, you will have created an event atmosphere and all your kids and their families will know that Fit Kids Week has arrived.

Remember after showing a video that you should encourage your kids to become Fit Kids Junior Instructors by sharing a shorter video that helps them teach their lessons to family members at home.

Step 6: Encourage participation and raise lots of money

One of the most important aspects of our Fit Kids event is encouraging participation. You can increase participation by making it a well-known group event. Get your kids excited. Our videos are designed to make the routines fun. The more you help enhance the fun aspects the more they kids will talk about your fundraiser.

At the end of your Fit Kids Week you can print off Certificates of Completion that will show the kids the skill sets they learned and include those areas where they became Junior Fit Kids Instructors.