Fit Kids Fundraiser

Our Fit Kids Program

We were determined to not only create the absolute best fundraising program for youth here in the United States and elsewhere but to also create a fitness culture where families who participate in our fundraiser would find plenty of content and value to keep coming back to

So we spent the most time talking about what a fitness program might look like. There are tons of them out there. So this wasn’t as easy as simply copying what others have done.

In fact the more we searched the more we found there is nothing like what we offer.

Our Fitness Program Covers 5 Skills

In order to make our program as appealing as possible to as many kids as possible we knew we needed diversity. So we decided to offer a 5 day program that covered 5 different skill sets.

The first skill we cover is Yoga. We felt like Yoga was one of those athletic endeavors that didn’t require extraordinary stamina. Instead it focused on relaxation, flexibility and focus. No one can argue that youth today would benefit from all 3 of those areas.

Our next skill was designed to bring some fun elements along with cardio and coordination. So we include a routine and lesson on dance. Here the kids will get a little wild and crazy. But we will get them up and moving and learning that exercise can be fun.

The next skill we work on is strength. We offer a routine that doesn’t require any equipment and can be done in a class room, library or darn near anywhere. We teach kids some basic moves that will certainly increase their personal strength and challenge them to continue to build on a foundation of muscle building.

From there we go to agility. That’s a skill so important to so many sports. But it is equally beneficial to any child. We will work on coordination, flexibility and quickness here. Once a child goes through this skill set we challenge them to continue to improve their agility skills.

Finally we offer a complete fitness routine to bring all the elements of physical fitness together. By the time your kids have gone through our 5 days of training they will have a good foundation upon which they can build a life time of physical benefits.

How You Raise Money

Most people are extremely generous. More so when they believe they are supporting a good cause.

When asked we believe every family member or friend would say a child and their group committing to get more fit is a great thing. Most would encourage that because they know how important childhood fitness is.

Crowd funding is tried and proven. Over at Read-a-thon groups are raising more money than ever before because friends and family will support a child participating in a reading fundraiser.

The same is true with a fitness fundraiser. But unlike Read-a-thon, Fit Kids brings compelling crowd funding to sports teams, leagues, Boys and Girls clubs, YMCA and every other youth based group.

As long as kids are involved there will be people thrilled to support an effort to get more fit.

So we offer the most tried and proven crowd funding tools available anywhere using the most secure payment platform created.

In just a few minutes parents create their child’s Fit Kid profile and use our tools. There is no fundraiser that takes less effort on the part of the parents than Fit Kids and they become raving fans of the program.

The universe of potential sponsors is limitless. An uncle living in Japan can support a child from New York.