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Benefits of Yoga for Fit Kids

Yoga for kids! Believe it or not, children are naturals.

Yoga can benefit all children. It can help build strength in children with little muscle tone and increase flexibility in children who aren’t as limber.

For parents and children looking for an alternative physical activity to work muscles, joints and systems, yoga is a wonderful choice. It also compliments any activity your child may already be participating in.

Yoga is a wonderful balance for competitive sports and activities. It helps build concentration and self¬esteem.

Health Benefits for Kids

Yoga has many health benefits for children. The many bending and stretching poses help move and stimulate the digestive system. A vigorous sun salutation is a great way to get the heart pumping and there are many exercises to train your breathing and expand lung capacity.

Yoga helps fine tune motor coordination and can help a child gain more control over a developing body. Many yoga poses massage organs and glands and help them to stay healthy and active.

The best part of all is that yoga classes for children are fun! Many incorporate games and music to help keep the children engaged.

Yoga teaches control of the mind, desires, and reactions to stress, developing in its practitioners an ability to maintain inner peace at all times in all actions. That in turn helps children to achieve physical and mental health.

Scientifically Proven Effective

Yoga is a scientific system developed over 5000 years ago. It stills the thought¬waves of the mind through breath work, bodily postures to refine and energize the body, and relaxation. These practices impart serenity, evenness, and mental clarity.

Yoga puts the body in touch with its connection to other levels of being ¬ mental, emotional, and spiritual. Yoga not only calms the mind and spirit, it also helps the body to become stronger, more supple, and more coordinated. Students become more aware of their bodies and how they work, leading to an increased respect and resulting in improved self¬esteem. These qualities lead to empowerment and choice. Yoga teaches ways to cope with stressors and enables its students to act on their own behalf in health¬enhancing ways.

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